Buy Nothing Day

At the end of November we will get together in Herbaciarnia Laja and spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere.


Nowadays there is this trend of consumerism, powered by commercials and society that build up a mentality of must have. Either food, clothes, accessories, appliances are in most homes just because at some moment we thought me must have it. Over wrapped food and the forever plastic bags are filling the trash bins and ending up in landfills.

What if we would buy less packaged food and bring our own bag? Our own bag made from newspaper. This way you re-use and creatively recycle the paper and cross out the plastic bag.

At 18:00 we will start with the creative recycling workshop that everyone can attend. All we need is your newspaper and we will bring the glue. You can bring your kids and friends as the workshop will be an easy and relaxing activity.

As soon as we have enough bags, we turn off the lights and watch a documentary that caught our attention long ago. The film is about the biggest landfill in the world and about the people that build their lives around it. How they live there, work there. The story is told by an artist that turns their way of living into art and gives them the opportunity to experience something else. A touching documentary that will for sure help everyone understand that every little thing we do has an impact.

To make the evening complete, we welcome you with homemade muffins:)


This event is part of our Library for All project, financed by Youth in Action.


buy nothing day



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