herbaciarnia laja Herbaciarnia Laja is one of the libraries and it a dear place to us where good music and good people come together. The tea house already has a library with Czech and Polish books that can be read here and it’s home to many cultural activities (tea tasting, creative recycling workshops, traveler’s meetings, public reading, lectures, culinary workshops). When we were choosing the places for the library, it felt natural that Laja will be one of them. Besides the actual library, here you can participate in the Living Library, bookbinding workshops and screenings.

klub dziuplaClub Dziupla is a place that attracts many young people from Cieszyn and Český Těšín and is the second home for our books. The open atmosphere and people working there made it easier to choose the Czech spot for the library and you will as well enjoy watching movies and reading favorite poems.

biblioteka miejska The Public Library from Cieszyn will host a bookbinding workshop as a start of our book friendship. We will support each other throughout the project. We would like to connect all the places in Cieszyn and Český Těšín where you can find books so we started with Biblioteka Miejska,  a place from where you can rent English books and attend different activities. The people working there are passionate about books and are organizing events that encourage people to get closer to books and writers.

Kreatywny Recykling Kreatywny Recykling is a young project in Cieszyn that constantly organizes workshops on creative recycling and eco education and will be our main partner in our workshops. The girls behind the concept are confident that with a bit of imagination and patience you can turn anything into something new. We will put together a series of workshops where we will work with old books and paper.


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