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Reading. Talking. Writing:)

Last week we had a really nice meeting up on the Castle Hill. We had our own mobile bookcase hanging from a bird house:) We had colorful blankets, books and postcards:)

reading session

People came from different small cities of Poland just to spend two hours reading outside in the nature. That told us a lot about how people want to feel reconnected to nature, to breath in and out and relax reading great adventures:)


We met a young man, with great travel stories, working currently in Cieszyn as an English teacher. Here you see how creative learning a new language can be. Remember,youlooknicetoday_header_winter4


We believe that we could slow down from time to time, read or write letters to loved ones. Sure, e-mails are faster, but there is for sure a greater pleasure when you open you mail box and see an envelope or a postcard:) So we wrote postcards and will keep on writing them at every meeting we have:)


Have a great reading day:)