Reading Club

We like to read.

We like how words fall into the perfect order to express what is inside ourselves.

We like it even more when we speak without words or when words can hardly express what is inside and out and all around.

We like to share our culture and learn about others.

We find books to be one of the greatest treasures.

We find it curious how different words sound when said out loud.

We try.

Let’s read, quote and listen to how other languages sound like, to how different people wrote about love, fear, adventure, people, animals, war, art, culture.

The Reading Club is all about practicing your English, both speaking and reading.

The concept is that we will meet twice a month, once in Cieszyn, once in Cesky Tesin, choose a book and make the book circle. Each person takes turns in reading out loud so that everyone will understand. While we read, we write down all the new words and make our own dictionary so we can see the improvements as we go.

After 90 minutes of reading, we will shortly talk about it and write a letter or postcard to someone that came into our mind while reading. We bring the postcards and paper:) This way we exercise our writing as well:)


26.10 – Outdoor picnic – Cesky Tesin

19.11 – Herbaciarnia Laja – Cieszyn

26.11 – Dziupla – Cesky Tesin

10.12 – Herbaciarnia Laja – Dziupla

reading club

let it snow


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