How it works?

So we have the library. What’s next?

Here is a list of possible questions you might have:)

Where are the books?

The English library is in Herbaciarnia Laja (Cieszyn) and Youth Center in Petrklíč headquarters (Český Těšín).

What are the opening hours?

Herbaciarnia LAJA – Monday to Sunday from 14:00  to 22:00

YOUTH CENTER – Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 16:00

How can I rent a book?

The main idea is the you can either read the book in one of the places or rent it.

From July, you can come to Laja and make a Readership Card. The card is valid for one year and will allow you to rent one or two books for one month.

library pass

We care about the books and think that other people want to read as well so make sure you bring the book back in time:)

How do I make a Readership Card?

To make the Readership Card, you need to bring a copy of your ID card, contact information and 30 zl as a registration fee (you will get the fee back at the end of the year).

You can make the cards in Laja.

You will receive a card with your name and you will be able to use this card in any of the two locations.

When you make the Readership card you will also sign the reader’s oath:)

reader's oath

How do I know what books are in the library?

In each library there will be a book menu, but if you are interested in a certain topic or author just ask someone in charge and he will tell you in which location you can find the book.

Also, check our BOOKS here.

When we receive new books, we will post on our blog and Facebook page. There will be a poster with new books in each location so keep an eye on that as well.

How can I get information on what new books you have and about the events?

You can constantly check our blog and Facebook page. We will make sure to put all the information here.

When you register, you will be added to our Readers Network and receive an e-mail every time there is a new book in town or when we organize an event.

How can I get involved?

We are glad you want to get involved and here is how you can do it.

You can donate books to one of the libraries:) Your contribution will be mentioned here and there’s a gift coming with that.

You can purpose activities and we will help you implement them. The activities should be connected to the library or to books:)


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