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About Petrklíč Help…

petrklic helpPetrklíč Help o.s. is a civic association founded in 2006 based in Český Těšín.

The association is mainly involved in organizing cultural activities on a local, national and international level.
In order to create an intercultural environment for the purposed activities, the association set up the cultural center Laja in Cieszyn, most activities taking place there.

Among the activities organized by Petrklíč Help there are lectures, workshops, educational events (traveler’s lectures, tea tasting, culinary evenings, yurt tea tours), international youth exchange (Backpack journalist, Exploring New Shores), national school magazine competition, Amateur bands competition, Svatek caje.

About Fundacja Laja…

fundacja laja

Fundacja Laja is a youth foundation based on the Castle Hill, in Cieszyn, that activates since 2012.

The foundation is organizing educational and cultural activities through creative means (workshops, open talks, lecture, public readings).

Fundacja Laja supports young people to organize their own projects, promotes volunteerism and pro-social activities (hosting EVS volunteers from June), organizes meetings to promote cultural sharing (12 Tastes of the World project, Tea Festival). In other words, Fundacja Laja is an important cultural place in Cieszyn that offers a wide range of activities for young people (students, travelers, volunteers, children) to enrich their knowledge of the world and of youth opportunities.


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