“Library for all”  is a project financed by Youth in Action. Let’s see what YiA is all about.

“Youth in Action is the EU Program for young people aged 15-28 (in some cases 13-30). It aims to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union’s future.

Youth in Action is a programme for all! It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background.

Youth in Action is the successor of the YOUTH Program (2000-2006). Building on the experience of the previous programs for youth, Youth in Action is the result of a large consultation with the different stakeholders in the youth field and aims to respond to the evolution and needs of young people at European level.

With a total budget of 885 million euros for seven years (2007-2013), the Program supports a large variety of activities for young people and youth workers through five Actions .

There are two main ways to get involved in the Program:

1. You are 

… a young person aged between 13-30 or a youth worker…

… full of energy, creativity and ideas and would like to find a way to develop them…

… looking for opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and practices with other young people or youth workers from different countries…

… interested in volunteering in another country…

As an individual you can be a participant in one of the activities supported by the Program.

If you would like to get involved, find out more about the opportunities offered by the Program by browsing through the different sections of this website. You will get a general overview of what Youth in Action can offer you as well as some useful information on its Actions and features.

Want to know more?

Take a look at the Youth in Action Program guide– it will give you a deeper insight into the Actions and types of activities that can be supported by the Program.

Get in touch with your National Agency or Eurodesk national office for further information and advice.

2. You are 

… a non-governmental youth organisation,

… an informal group of young people,

… a local or regional public body,

… a body active at European level in the field of youth …

… willing to develop a project and submit an application for funding under the Youth in Action Program…

Become a promoter of an activity to be supported by the Program!

If you would like to get involved and submit a project application for funding, the first port of call for additional information after this website is the Youth in Action Program Guide.

Read it carefully!

It will help you understand the Program’s objectives and criteria, and to identify the types of projects that can be supported by the Program.

Think through your project idea and make sure it respects all the criteria and conditions described in the Guide…

Fill in the official application form for the Action you want to apply for.

Make sure you respect the deadlines!”

This information has been taken from ec.europa.eu website and you can find more information connected to Youth in Action here.



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