Health and home

41x-LwUlcgL Honey and bees (Nature’s magical golden treasure): Everything you need to know about honey, how it’s made and the history of its uses, plus a section dedicated to culinary recipes, health and beauty – by Margaret Briggs (Abbeydale Press)






books (2) Wine – Christina Fisher (Rebo Publishers)





images (1) You are what you eat – Gillian McKeith (Penguin)





51HJH89TngL Foot massage a complete step by step guide – Renee Tanner (Hermes House)






The-Clutter-Clinic-9780297844631 The Clutter Clinic: organise your home in seven days – Romaine Lowery (Weidenfeld and Nicholson)






9781557884534 The petit appetit cookbook: easy, organic recipes to nurture your baby and toddler – Lisa Barnes (HPbooks)





4 (3) The Country Living Handbook: the best of the good life month by month – Diana Vowels (Select Editions)






0696203707 Four Seasons Gardening: a month by month guide to planning, planting and caring for your garden – Ann Reilly Dines (Meredith Books)


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